What to Expect in Criminal Justice Careers

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What to Expect in Criminal Justice Careers

Have you ever thought about pursuing studies in criminal justice for a more rewarding career? What can you expect in criminal justice careers? There are many different avenues to this field, and much of it involves heavy research, and working with new technology. Forensics is one of the most common avenues of this field, and this category can be broken into multiple subfields like forensic psychology, document forensics and computer forensics.

Other subfields can include working with accounting and tracking irregularities in taxes or even tracking town terrorists. You could work within multiple organizations of government, from police to the FBI, CIA or even Homeland Security. Of course, most starting members begin their career in criminal justice within the local police ranks.
Don’t underestimate the importance of work experience. While studying advanced subjects within the field, some workers take jobs as prison guards or performing other tasks in the prison.

Once you advance, there are other opportunities to look into within criminal justice careers, such as administration, transportation, Internal Affairs, or medical services. Part of the assignment will involve learning modern detective-friendly technology, so that you can better analyze a crime scene. Other avenues might involve counseling, and help family members who have been the victim of crimes.

How can you break into the field? While you don’t need special training to become an entry level police officer, in order to progress to a field you want, you will probably need an Associate’s Degree (in a field like Criminology) or general psychology before advancing. Experience does help tremendously, it is no substitute for education—since your mind is what will be helping the agency to maintain justice.

How much can you expect to make? The median average for patrol officers was $58,000. Paralegals are often involved in courtroom dramas, since they are called upon to investigate facts, do research and put together cases and other related paperwork. They can earn $53,000 (median average) a year. Probation officers can earn $46,000 per year while detective can earn $80,000. Lastly, there are legal secretaries that can earn $50,000 a year.

Wherever your journey takes you, be sure to start with a solid education that provides you with real world training. You can find this education from an accredited college, one in favorable association with the ABA. Furthermore, these courses are available online. Change your life today and find a promising future in criminal justice careers!

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