An Education in Online Criminal Justice Schools

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An Education in Online Criminal Justice Schools

Are you considering becoming part of the solution and not the problem? Then it’s time to think seriously about a career criminal justice! You can get started by finding online criminal justice schools and earning a degree. What is this field and what can you expect to find in school and in your future career?

Criminal justice encompasses many different positions of employment, from police officers to federal agents, to forensic investigators and legal secretaries. This study is not the same thing as criminology, since this is specifically the study of crime on a social level, something that can be measured and investigated. On the contrary, online criminal justice schools teach you how to get involved in police work, legal work and other related duties in restoring justice and punishing those who work against the system.

If you are interested in breaking into this field and finding a permanent position, know that it will help tremendously to choose an accredited school and to gain at least some work experience while studying. Criminal justice degree programs take about four years to complete and this study will involve learning methods of research, policing policies, how criminal justice works, community corrections and criminal procedures and even specialty areas in victimology, juvenile justice and other related fields. You can get a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice from many online criminal justice schools as well as universities and colleges.

There is no stigma about pursuing an online degree, but make sure the school is properly accredited. There are many schools that offer educational courses in these fields, but if they lack accreditation and a popular reputation, it is a waste of time and money. Law firms and agencies are not going to want to hire someone who has worked with a school without standards (such as recommended by organizations like the ABA) or without verifiable credentials.

How are schools accredited? They are declared accredited after meeting a list of criteria in areas of purpose and direction, governance and leadership, teaching, resources and support systems and a commitment to continuous improvement. Agencies that handle accreditation of schools are reviewed and recognized by the federal government. This makes it easy to verify that these online criminal justice schools are not only accredited, but properly accredited.

After all; you don’t want just a school, or just course work completed…you want a school that can help ensure your financial future!

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